Improve your skills using Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook!

Learn useful tools, tips and shortcuts for using Microsoft Office 365 in the workplace.

Microsoft Excel Demo Videos…

Use the Quick Access Toolbar
Use Insert Options
Use AutoFill Options
Use the Double-click Fill Trick

Microsoft Word Demo Videos…

Go to end of line / start of line
Use the Format Painter tool to copy paragraph formatting
Insert a Text Header
Insert a Watermark

Microsoft Outlook Demo Videos…

Arrange e-mails
Create a Signature
Create an e-mail template
Use the Print Screen key to capture a web page

Over 200 videos, and counting….

You’ll be able to watch over 200 videos covering Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, Word and Outlook). Club members can currently suggest topics for videos they would like to see developed.

Learn new skills, refresh existing skills….

Our videos will help you develop your IT skills and show you how to use Microsoft Office effectively. Our videos can also be used to quickly remind you how to use a tool or carry out a specific task!

Our videos are short and sweet….

Most of our videos are less than 2 minutes in length, using simple language and concise instructions. We aim to make learning quick and easy!

Basic example files for you to download…

You’ll be able to download simple practice files for you to practice what you’ve learned!

Basic help to answer your queries….

Got a query regarding a video? Tutor support is available via e-mail to answer any questions!

No adverts….

There are no adverts in our videos! No need to wait for the pesky ‘Skip Ad’ link to appear 🙂

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£25 for 12 months (introductory offer)

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